Hi. We are Nicola Ielardi and Deana Petroccia, a Swiss-Italian couple living in one of Switzerland’s
beautiful spots – on the border of Lake Constance, just walking distance from the German border.
I, Nicola, grew up in a tiny village in the south of Italy – in the midst of olive trees and vineyards. At the age
of twenty I moved to Rome with my two sisters, where I studied economics and enjoyed the big city life. It was
there that I discovered the passion of analogue photography. Deana, who is Swiss-Italian, grew up in Switzerland.
Her passion for music led her to become a music teacher in a secondary school. Alongside music, she loves
photography as much as I do.
I met Deana one Summer night on the piazza of my sleepy village. She was visiting her Italian Nonna, who happened
to come from the same place as my family - lucky me! 🙂
Together we moved to New York City, enjoyed the vibrations of this fascinating metropole and started doing
photography projects together, realizing what a great team we made. I am the calm one – observing, seeking
perfection and patiently waiting for the best moment to capture. Deana is outgoing, loves getting to know new
people and has a passion for detail. Together we love capturing authenticity and showing the beauty of life in our
Once we had spent all our money in the Big Apple we decided to settle down in Switzerland. I got the chance to
study photography in St. Gallen and graduated in Summer 2018. Since 2016 we’ve been proud parents to our wonderful
son Enea and in Spring 2019 our little princess Juno was born.
I love photographing architecture and people, Deana loves children and family photography, and together we do weddings.
Together we have four eyes, two perspectives and one vision: telling real stories through our photography.